New York Strip, Aged USDA Prime 2% by Allen Brothers | 10 Steaks

Size: 10 Steaks

$33.99/lb. This top of the line prime steakhouse product is not available in grocery stores. Compare at $37.49/lb. + $25 shipping at Allen Brothers. Compare at $66 at your favorite steakhouse. 

With 98% of all beef in America rated below USDA prime, prime steaks sourced from black angus cattle are the pinnacle 2% quality served only in the finest and most expensive steakhouses. Our 28 Day Wet Aged Prime New York Strip by Allen Brothers is a 1 1/2" thick, one pound steak that's a total wow - an Instagram-worthy steak that's both tender and incredibly juicy. Sold in unique 4-packs (4 lbs.) and 10-packs (10 lbs.), these 16oz prime steaks are flash frozen and individually vacuum sealed for maximum freshness and flavor. 


  • 16 ounce, 28 day wet aged USDA Prime New York Strip, individually vacuum sealed
  • 4 servings per 4 pound case; 10 servings per 10 pound case 
  • Produced in the USA from the finest black angus cattle
  • Masterfully hand-cut and trimmed 
  • Premium grade product supplied by Allen Brothers to the finest steakhouses


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