American Wagyu Black Grade Ground Beef Party Pack | 20 lbs.


$11.49/lb. This product not available in grocery stores. Perfect for parties!

Sourced from the finest American Wagyu cattle bred from their legendary Japanese cousins, our 100% American Wagyu Black Grade Ground Beef (also known as American Kobe Beef) is a pinnacle product - it gets no better. Grass fed and grain finished, our American Wagyu Black Grade Ground Beef Party Pack can power the most luxurious backyard or yacht bash for families and friends - this box contains four sleeves of ground meat that can be formed into burgers, meatballs, lasagne, meatloaf, bolognese pasta sauce or any recipe demanding pinnacle quality ground beef. Each restaurant industry sleeve of ground beef contains 5 lbs. of Wagyu - enough meat to make 10 8oz burgers or 26 3oz meatballs that aren't just incredibly flavorful, juicy and delicious, but all natural, hormone free, and antibiotic free. Until you experience 100% Wagyu, you cannot imagine ever returning to regular ground beef. 


  • Four sleeves of 100% American Wagyu Black Grade ground beef, each containing 5 lbs. (see photo) in a 20 pound box
  • All natural, no hormones, no antibiotics
  • Produced in the USA from the finest independent family farms
  • AAA grade product supplied by Snake River Farms to the finest restaurants


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