Caribbean Lobster Tails, Jumbo 1 Pound | 10 Lobster Tails


Harvested from the warm crystalline waters of the Caribbean, our hand-harvested and hand selected fine-restaurant-grade Caribbean Lobster tails are a luxurious, transportive indulgence. A favorite of seafood lovers, these individually vacuum sealed (for zero waste) tails are renowned for their light flavor, buttery consistency, and tender yet meaty texture. Each restaurant-quality 1+ pound tail, unlike common 5oz grocery store tails, is perfect for grilling, broiling, butter poaching and sauteing - the ideal shared appetizer, whole entree or chopped accompaniment to salads. Lower in fat and calories than red meats and poultry, this lobster is rich in protein, Vitamins A and B, and Omega 3 fatty acids. 


    • 16-20 ounce (1+ pound) super premium tails in individually vacuum sealed portions
    • Approximately 10 lobster tails per 10 pound box - the number of tails in each 10 pound box fluctuates naturally
    • Hand harvested in the Caribbean
    • Premium grade product supplied by Portico Simply 1819655 to the finest restaurants


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