Chicken Tenderloins, Premium Fully Cooked | 80 Tenders

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Premium product not available at grocery stores. Compare raw at $10/lb.

Sourced from independent family farms across the US, our Premium Chicken Tenderloins are the simply highest-quality available, a family favorite for snacking, appetizers and get togethers. These fully-cooked homestyle tenders are medium sized, flour-based breaded, seasoned with salt & pepper, and ready to be baked at 13 1/2 minutes at 375 degrees or pan fried for for 2 1/2 minutes per side. Our tenders are juicy and ready for dipping sauces and condiments. These crunchy, delicious, homestyle tenderloins are sealed in two 5-pound bags. 


  • Breaded chicken tenders, sourced from independent family farms in the USA
  • Approximately 80 tenders per case, two 5 lb. bags per 10 pound box
  • Pre-seasoned with salt & pepper and lightly flour breaded for crunch 
  • All natural, free of hormones or steroids
  • Restaurant grade all natural product supplied by Tyson 8496913  


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  • This is a fully cooked, frozen product
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