Chilean Blue Mussels | 80 Mussels


Sourced from the seafood capital of Chile, Blue Mussels are revered for their beautiful color and irresistable tastiness. Our Chilean Cooked Blue Mussels are tender yet meaty, medium sized (approximately 2" long) and ready for thawing through steaming, boiling or pan sauteing. These mussels are Grade A, fully cleaned, debearded and sand free, ready to be cooked in butter, olive oil, wine and aromatics like garlic and thyme. They're perfect for family eating, or complementing seafood soups like cioppino or bouillabaisse, adding natural briny juices that are hidden inside the shells. Better yet, mussels contain zero fat. This product comes in individual 1 lb. bags - use one for a smaller meal, or more bags for communal dining.


  • Cooked blue mussels, each approximately 2" long, ready to be steamed or boiled (in or out of bag), or steamed or sauteed outside of the bag
  • Approximately 80 2oz Mussels per 10 pound box, vacuum sealed and conveniently portioned in ten individual 1 lb. bags
  • Cleaned, debearded and free of sand
  • Sustainably rope-cultured and harvested in Chile
  • Grade A product supplied by Portico Imperial Seafood 1407784 to fine restaurants


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