South American Corvina | 20-22 Fillets


Found off the coasts of South America, Corvina is the most treasured fish in both Peru and Central America for its magical abilities to make the absolutely perfect ceviche. Actually a type of sea bass, our Corvina is thick, firm and meaty white meat not just suitable for soaking up citrus juices raw (citrus juices actually "cook" the meat), but also for grilling, baking and pan sauteing. Corvina's taste is both sweet and mild, and packed with protein - ideal for light, health-conscious meals


  • 6-8 ounce individual vacuum sealed portions
  • 20-22 servings per 10 pound box, depending on naturally fluctuating fillet sizes
  • Masterfully hand-filleted and trimmed
  • Wild caught from sustainable fisheries off the coast of South America 
  • Grade A product supplied by Open Blue Seafood to the finest restaurants


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