SRF Wagyu Beef Tenderloin | 2 Whole Tenderloins

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 *IMPORTANT: As of September 18, there are only 3 boxes of these SRF Wagyu Tenderloins in Miami. Do not hesitate with this purchase.*

Sourced from the finest American Wagyu producer Snake River Farms, our American Wagyu Beef Tenderloin is a pinnacle experience reserved for the finest meals. Our Wagyu tenderloin is the entire (long) tenderloin, also known as a Japanese Kobe-style filet mignon roast, with exceptional butter-like texture and flavor coupled with the signature leanness and marbling only found in the world's finest cattle. This best-in-class Snake River Farms tenderloin can be prepared whole to serve a large gathering, or cut into individual filet mignons. Each of the two 5.5 pound long tenderloins can be cut into approximately 10 8oz filet mignons for grilling, pan sauteing, chopping into steak tartare, or sous vide preparation.


  • 2 entire tenderloin portions, 5.5 pounds each, in an 11 pound box  
  • All natural, no hormones, no antibiotics
  • Produced in the USA 
  • Premium grade product supplied by Snake River Farms to the world's finest restaurants


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    Also known as the filet mignon roast, the Gold Grade designation ensures you will receive the highest level of marbling available from Snake River Farms. Although the tenderloin is generally a lean cut, our American Wagyu version has a surprising amount of marbling. This is the entire tenderloin and can be prepared whole for a memorable meal for a large gathering. There is also the option to cut this into filet mignon steaks. The flavor profile of this unique roast features the butter-like flavor and texture associated with Japanese Wagyu beef combined with the hearty traditional flavor preferred by the American palate.